having a dream

June 13, 2012

I am having a dream and in my dream there are a lot of people who love me, and who love my children and my husband too. And one of the ones who love me, and the children and their father, she knows about the heart shaped rocks. And they shared their hearts with us and their heart shaped rocks.

The dream people, they put their love in baskets and handed it straight to us, baskets full with their love, these people in my dream. And the one with the land by the ocean, she opened it to us and invited us to walk her land and let us listen to her waves sing to us. And I imagine the waves will sing joyous songs about love and friendship and hope.

And the people in my dream they put the heart shaped rocks in a box and the box is marked “dream” and so I will. I shall dream of these perfect moments, holding my daughters hand and walking in the sun, the taste of a very ripe peach, the climb or walk I thought I could no longer make, and the love of the people, the people in my dream, making my dream come true almost as I dream it. I will dream of life and love and profound gratitude.


These are the people of the Dream Foundation, and their friends and supporters. These are the people who chose to love us before they ever met us. I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating here, “love makes heroes out of ordinary people” and these people, the ones in my dream, the ones from the Dream Foundation, they are my heroes.

To be continued…

About the Dream Foundation
The first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults, Dream Foundation has been touching lives, meeting needs, reuniting families, and providing peace, closure and joy at the end of life’s journey. Together with hundreds of volunteers and more than 600 hospices and healthcare organizations nationwide, we fulfill thousands of dreams across the country each year.

Please consider donating money or airline miles
At The Dream Foundation, support of our services and programs can come in a variety of ways. We consider every contribution — whether time, cash, airline miles, or membership – a tremendous gift to our organization. Dream Foundation is proud to maintain a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for sound fiscal management, so you know your investment in dreams is put to good use.



One Response to “having a dream”

  1. Mama Says:

    I want to thank the people at the Dream Foundation for providing this dream for my daughter, Ronnie. I spoke to her last night and she could hardly talk because she was so excited to tell me about meeting all of you, how very kind each of you were to her and her family, and just how perfect you have made this dream. Now that you have met her you know first hand how much her family means to her and what a wonderful, kind, and grateful person she is. She and her family are having the time of their life and all of the THANKS go to people like you. I know God takes special care of people as kind as all of you due to all of the joy you bring to those on this journey. I will not use the words end of life because I am Ronnie’s mother and I believe and pray everyday for “THE MIRACLE”. But today my prayers are for people like you that have placed so much joy in my daughter’s life. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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