May 22, 2012
Four letters
You may look at hope and see something small
When you think feel imagine hope
Hope becomes bigger
Sometimes we are hopeless
we just do not look up and see all the things that bring us hope
ever believe your hope is lost
you ask what is hope
hope can never be put to one definition
hope is endless  
you look up hope will spread your eyes will open
you will find what hope really is
maybe hope is being in the moment and then being saved



5 Responses to “hope”

  1. Mama Says:

    Mattie you are wise beyond your young age. You know that in our family HOPE is way bigger than a four letter word. It is what we live with everyday of our life.

    Keep up with your writing skills. You have the gift of words just like your Mom.

  2. Betsy Happel Says:

    Lovely. My favorite line: hope will spread your eyes wide open.

  3. Jackie Puzniak Says:

    Very nice job. You have your mother’s gift with words. So insightful.

  4. Tish Chism Says:

    Love this poem.

  5. Laura Blair Says:

    She’s brilliant! Well done Mattie, well done Sparkle!

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