I want this

July 6, 2011

We all have a bucket list, those things that you want to do before you leave the planet. I have a lot of things on my list. Number one at the top is not to kick the bucket at all. For that I’d trade all the other stuff on the list. But there is one thing that keeps me dreaming, demands my attention, paints a smile when I need it. I have a dream to return to Greece with my family.

There is a photograph in my office, taken by my husband the last time we were in Greece. It is a large image, big enough it seems to walk through. The photograph is one of me and my daughters snorkeling on our island, Ithaka, on our beach, Dexia. I spend many moments looking at that photograph, longing to be there, to feel the ocean breeze and to smell the salt of the sea. If daydreams were actions, that photograph would open up, spilling the scent of sage and the warmth of sunlight into my office. In a Kafka moment, I’d transform from cancer patient to Greek Goddess and step right through the frame into a new life in the sun, on the beach, frolicking with my beautiful daughters. Our days would be spent laughing and hiking and relaxing by the bay. Plates of beans and fish soup and watermelon would be our evening meal, consumed in the outdoor platia, lit only by the exposed bulbs that swing above us in festive hanging arches. The girls would chase the cats, and name them before nights end. We would laugh together and walk and in hand together, every night, back up the hill to a good nights sleep. We would be happy. And things would never end.

It’s hard to understand until you have been there the draw of a place like Ithaka. Odysseus understood. He and I have both fought wars, his with the Trojans, mine with cancer. We both are acutely aware of the longing for home, the comfort of the sand, the shelter of the harbor, the love of good people and the contentment of a belly full of seafood and spinach pie. A place like Ithaka seeps into your bones, warms your skeleton, lights a fire in your heart and reminds you to be passionate with your living. It took Odysseus nearly ten years to return to Ithaka. I am in a race to beat your record dear Odysseus. Before my bucket comes around.


You too can fall in love with Ithaka, the island of Odysseus and Ronnie and Doug, Erin, Mattie and Allie, at this photo blog.


One Response to “I want this”

  1. Tami DeLand Says:

    I love this. I’m sharing with my Greek friend. It will makie him very homesick. Love you.

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