Well, cancer, I have a theme song too.

March 10, 2011

It is so hard to write these days. So I instead sing. Click on this image to watch a video on YouTube that I find particularly inspiring. The women in this video are all survivors.


3 Responses to “Well, cancer, I have a theme song too.”

  1. Betsy Happel Says:

    Yea for music that is beautiful and inspirational! I’m grateful that music is speaking to you now. I’ve been thinking of you a lot this week, and especially this morning. As I write this, the two large trees in front of the parsonage are being taken down. I will miss the beautiful leaves outside my home office window so much and am literally in tears as I grieve. However, the safety of the house was in jeopardy with them there. And life is all about adjustments, I guess. Now to find a new inspiring space. Or perhaps just a different way of looking at the old space.

  2. keri Says:

    Ronnie, you’ve been prevalent in my thoughts… wondering how you’re doing. Just checked out your blog and was nice to see a strong, beautiful story told with strong, beautiful women.

  3. Virginia Says:

    Ronnie I have been reading your blog and it is truly so inspiring ….. I loved this video clip ..and thought I would share with you a utube clip done by one of lifes Beautiful Angels ‘Debbie Clayton’ … who is the founder of the “Beautiful you” cancer charity here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where I live …She made this cd as a fund raiser and it also shows strong beautiful woman supporting each other … we also did a make over photo session too … it was lots of fun and Debbie included pictures of that day and her healing art therapies group … hope you enjoy watching it … sending love and hugs Virginia xxoo

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