If my cancer had a theme song

February 16, 2011

3 Responses to “If my cancer had a theme song”

  1. Betsy Happel Says:

    Trying to find words…will give you my heart instead.

  2. Vern Says:

    Everyday is a life, A life is comprized of more than one day. Life has hurdles, some peoples hurdles are bigger than others.
    A 10 year old boy stated that the world needs more love, because it is in love that he finds peace. This young man’s observation is that the world is full of negative energy and it is the bombbardment on our bodies of this negative energy that is attacking and killing our bodies. “Trying to” is not an acceptable statment, “I will DO” is the only acceptable position to take to keep the negative energy away.
    So from the wisdom of a 10 year old boy fighting for his life, The Theme song must be “LOVE”.
    Have a great day.

  3. gaye g.p Says:

    wow what a theme song
    I’m glad to be in on your warrior strategies

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