person of the year

December 23, 2009

These are not my words. This evening, as in most evenings, my daughter Mattie came to me to share an essay she had written for school. This evening, as in most evenings, I was feeling busy with the tasks of the day and the stresses of the moment. My biggest concern was getting dinner on the table, but I took a break to read what she had written. As I read, I was humbled by her words. The joyous tears of motherhood, the ones that come at first steps and piano recitals, they ran down my face and dripped onto the dirty kitchen floor. The dinner and dust could wait. This was a moment that made the whole dreadful year worth while. Thank you Mattie, for reminding me why I took up this fight in the first place and for sharing with me the gift of your writing, and your love.


My 2009 Person of the Year
by Mattie Gaubatz

The person I would choose to be person of the year would be my mom. I chose her because she went through something that I thought no one in my family would go through and that is the horribel disse called breast cancer! When she first told us she was dieinogst. I thought she wasn’t going to make it. Everyone was scared. I love my mom and could not believe living without her. Now, she is my hero!

Sometimes you think people would just give up. But not her! After going through kemo and hard times she wasn’t going to give up. My mom wore a hat proudly every day or at least until she grew her cute baby hair! Even though she had no hair she still had hope to get well and survive. So she kept going to church and willing to do anything to survive. And survive she DID!

My mom’s not just a survivor she’s my whole world! She feeds me. She gives me shelter and she even gives me love! Now I know that my mom is not only a survivor, not only a mom, but a great influence. For me, Erin, Allie, her friends, MY friends, and am sure a lot more. So if anyone is to be 2009’s person of the year it’s my mom.

-Mattie Gaubatz


Dear Mattie,

I am so proud and honored to be your mom. But I am afraid to tell you that you may have it all wrong. You see honey, courage and strength come only from love. And so, what you saw in me this year is really that which you, and Erin, and Allie, and my friends, and your friends, and Mama and Papa, and everyone at church have given me all along. Love makes heroes out of ordinary people, Mattie. So while I am so very proud that you would nominate me for person of the year, I think the real honor goes to you, for loving me and for being brave and strong until I got my baby hair back.

Yours forever,


2 Responses to “person of the year”

  1. keri Says:

    Beautiful — a kernel of life at its purest. Wonderful writing, Mattie!

  2. Bonnie Says:

    I am so blessedl that this is my family.

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