Happiness Check

March 20, 2009

I have this routine that I go through every morning. I call it my happiness check. It involves a simple conversation with myself that asks, are you happy, are you inspired, are you making a difference? If the answer to any of those questions is no or even maybe, then some adjustment usually needs to happen. So it was in one of those happiness checks, that I realized I needed a change in my career. The company I had the privilege to help build was now a booming metropolis. I was left feeling less dedicated to the mission than I had been when we were young and hungry and trying to make a little idea into a big success. Was it me that changed or the company? I don’t care, I love that company and I always will. I owe almost all of my success to it. But I had lost my passion, my commitment to the shared goals, my sense of purpose. It was like saying goodbye to an old friend, but it was time to go. I’ll tell you now, giving birth was easier.

There is the rub. If you ask yourself the question, am I happy. Then you need to be prepared to take action if the answer is no. If you are brave and without certain heart conditions, you will even take action if the answer is maybe. Nothing frustrates me more than people who go around complaining about the things around them that make them unhappy and yet they never take a single action to change it. Guess what people? Life and happiness are not spectator sports. Get out on the field and get dirty. You will never win a game if you don’t play. It’s easy to sit in the stands and second guess every decision on the field, but you will never own the joy of a mud-and-sweat-on-your-face achievement or of taking the long shot and coming out on top. Yes indeed, sometimes you will get knocked right on your ass, but it’s better than stale cheese nachos up in the stands. Be a life athlete. Star in your own underdog upset. Take a chance. Come on. Are you happy?


2 Responses to “Happiness Check”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Are you happy? I can answer YES 90% of the time to that question. Now the other 10% of the time I can’t really say I am unhappy . . . maybe just unmotivated and feeling OLD but it doesn’t concern me. I know exactly what to do to uplift that 10% of my life. I just get my own personal six-pack and in no time happiness surrounds me. No one else can get this six pack because it belongs to me, it isn’t for sale at any price and it is a limited edition. The brand name of this six-pack is very long
    Kyle, Kelsey, Kami . . . Erin, Matti, Allie otherwise known as MY GRAND CHILDREN.

  2. Laura Says:

    i like this post, ronnie. i’m enjoying catching up on your blog today…i’m sorry to say that i haven’t had time to check in since your first post!

    In response to the question at hand, i can add that sometimes, i think i’m unhappy, and then something unexpected happens that brings life into sharper focus, and makes me see things differently. i realized last week that i am actually very happy, and maybe i just didn’t know it.

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