Proactive Happiness

March 9, 2009

Why are people so obsessed with the size of their butt? I mean really, when do you ever see your own ass? It always follows behind, you’d strain something trying to really look at it. Ignore it. What folks should be paying attention to is the size of their heart. Seriously. If you lose weight, your butt gets smaller, but if you lose the weight of the world, well then your heart gets bigger. Imagine it.

I am a self-confessed NPR junkie but I am giving it up for Lent. I mean the news is so depressing these days it makes me cranky to listen. I begin to worry about losing my job, losing my house and don’t even get me started on all the stress-related illnesses I now believe I may succumb to at any moment. After just a seven minute commute home and all the bad news, if the kids ask me for lunch money it nearly sends me into tears. Sorry honey, Mommy and Daddy are going to be making some budget cuts to respond to current market conditions. Forget it. Option 1: crawl under a rock until this recession ends and some stimulus comes my way.

Option 2: lighten my load. Not by sweating it out on the treadmill, not by diversifying my portfolio, but by practicing proactive happiness. That’s right, if it feels good do it. If it feels bad, avoid it. More good, less bad. Simple math will start to stack the positives in life way higher than the negatives. Wine? Yes. Whine? No thanks. Good food? Friends? Yes. Pity parties and bitch sessions –forget it. I am taking that stack of pants that no longer fit higher than just above my knee and giving them to someone who needs them –someone with a gluteus maximus smaller than mine. I am not likely to ever fit in those jeans again and if and when I do have a sudden need for size six Levis, then darn it, I’ll go stimulate the economy and buy some. If that happens, I might just get caught trying to sneak a peek at my own butt. But that, I suppose, might make me happy.


One Response to “Proactive Happiness”

  1. Cecelia Says:

    The nice thing about option 2 is it usually leads to a tiny hiney anyway so don’t give away your pants yet.

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